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ficali's Journal

25 January 1990
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I figured I'd update this profile since I haven't done so since I was 18... things have changed.
I'm 21 now, trying to graduate early with a degree in graphic design. I want to finish early so I can get an internship from January to June, somewhere.

This is more of a private journal. I don't update often, only when I need somewhere I can vent. Writing and journaling is a healing art for me. I'm a thinker and often times when I'm left a lone without any distractions my past comes back and haunts me. With distractions (school, work, friends, art , design, research, music, etc) those hauntings do not come back.

I do have a more open and positive blog about my thoughts, design, art, research and music which can be found here: http://www.kglyphicsart.blogspot.com